The Adventurer’s Dream

Upon arrival in Canada, one man discovers the lure of the wild along the British Columbia coast.

Words and photos by Ian Tyley
It is not until I moved to British Columbia that I realized the sheer beauty of hiking to the top of a magnificent mountain or roaming through the thick, luscious rainforests. It’s the lure of seeing what is over the hill or around the bend that makes it an addictive place to explore. When someone asked me why I am moving to Canada, the first thing that came to mind is adventure. Living on Canada's west coast, you are only steps away from hikes with panoramic views. With the endless possibilities, there is no coincidence that British Columbia is an adventurer’s dream!

IanTyley_LongBeachTofino.jpgLong Beach, Tofino, BC
IanTyley_MacMillan.jpgMacMillan Provincial Park, BC
IanTyley_LongBeachTofino2-(1).jpgLong Beach, Tofino, BC
IanTyley_JoffreLakes2.jpgJoffre Lake Provincial Park, BC
IanTyley_Brackendale.jpgBrackendale, Squamish, BC